OG Kush Feminized XTRM seeds

The OG Kush found its way from the west coast to the rest of the world.
Some say OG stands for Original Gangsta, but in fact it stands for Ocean Grown Kush.
Nobody knows exactly where OG Kush came from.
Shrouded in mystery for years and made popular by the rap scene.
Since Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre made OG Kush a household name OG Kush has been in high demand.

We have been scattering the world to find the original genetics that produce the best OG Kush XTRM.
OG Kush is made up of many different phenotypes and we produced the most stable version after many breeding selections.
Smoking OG Kush XTRM ensures a few things,  you will feel euphoric and happy all day long.