Taste  fruity, floral

Grow Method  indoor/outdoor

Odour Level  fruity, floral

Effect   euphoric, relaxing after a while

This strain is very special for every one of the Expert Seeds breeders as it’s a cross between two of our all-time favourite genetics and which we conserve and adore as Goddesses of the cannabis world:

White Widow, perhaps one of the top cup-winning plants over the last 15 years and Critical Mass, which is an improved version of the mythical Big Bud and which will amaze you with its yields and aroma and highly prized by commercial growers everywhere.

When it finally occurred to us to blend them in our laboratory to see what would happen, we were amazed to find we’d achieved perfection. A robust strain that looks like an indica with super-indica yields, it produces a large amount of resin that gives off a velvety aroma of sweet fruits and flowers.

Moderate indoor growth and a high resistance to pests and mould make this strain ideal for experienced growers and beginners alike.