Zephyr Ion Rating

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Zephyr Ion comes with:

  • 1pc USB Cord
  • 2pc Bag-Valve Sets – Mouthpieces with bags pre-attached
  • 2pc Filling Baskets
  • 2pc Replacement Air Filters
  • 2pc Replacement Basket Seal Washers
  • 1pc Replacement Bag (12ft) with Bag Ties
  • 4pc Replacement Screens
  • 1pc Pad (NEW)
  • 1pc Lavender Sample (NEW)
  • 1pc User Manual

The Zephyr Ion is a forced air balloon/bag style . This is a top end and that becomes quickly apparent as soon as you set eyes on this baby. It is constructed from high quality stainless steel and has a good, robust feel to it. It looks good too, with its innovative design and extra large LCD temperature display.

Of course, it’s not all about looks and the Zephyr Ion is packed with features and is easy to use. Adjusting the target temperature is a breeze with intuitive + and – buttons. Temperature is reached in just a couple of minutes and accurately maintained thanks to the Advanced Thermal heating System.

The Zephyr Ion uses a fully enclosed ceramic heating element with 32 separate heat and air channels. These channels separate the airflow from the heating coils, ensuring that the air and heating coils never come into contact. This feature means that your vapor is guaranteed to be free from any contamination.

With its great Flip Top design the Zephyr Ion is easy to use with one hand. An extra long power cord means that you are not restricted to where you can use it and the extra quiet operation means that you can watch TV or listen to music without interference.

Filling and changing bags with the Zephyr Ion is a piece of cake with its pat. pending valve system. It comes with two bag/valve sets and a replacement bag. Bags are color coded so you can remember whose is whose when enjoying a session with friends.  There is also a pad for aromatherapys and a free aromatherapy sample for you to try.

Although the Zephyr Ion carries a high end price tag, it is still significantly cheaper that the likes of the Volcano which is the sort of table top that it is competing against. The manufacturers have backed it up with a concrete two year warranty which shows that they have confidence in their product.

If you take your vaping seriously then the Zephyr Ion is definitely something that you should take a closer look at.