Volatizer VM3 Rating

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Volatizer VM3 comes with:

  • 1pc Volatizer VM3
  • 1pc Custom Soft Case
  • 1pc Custom Lockable Case
  • 1pc Battery Charger
  • 6pc Extra Heating Chambers
  • 1pc Cleaning kit



The Volatizer VM3 is a pocket sized, direct inhalation unit that has been introduced to the market by American company, Volatizer, from California. Volatizer already have a couple of s in their stable, but the VM3 is quite a departure from what they normally do.

The Volatizer VM3 comes with a nice starter package that features a lockable case, a custom made soft case, a cleaning kit and a selection of spare chambers.

The spare chambers are a cool innovation and we like this a lot. Instead of loading the machine itself, you just pre-load one of the ceramic heating chambers. When it comes to time for a refill, it’s just a case of popping the used chamber out and popping a freshly loaded one back into the unit. This type of cartridge system is clean and easy and makes for a more enjoyable user experience.

The VM3 is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium ion polymer battery (LiPB). The durability of the battery obviously depends on the frequency and length of use as well as the substance being vaporized. However, you should comfortably get a day or two’s use out of each charge.

Temperature control on The Volatizer VM3 is accurate and intuitively easy. Simple + and – buttons on the front of the unit, in conjunction with a digital readout, is just about the best way to accurately set and monitor temperatures, and that is what we have here. All you do is push the buttons until your desired temperature appears in the screen and that is it. The screen then defaults to the actual temperature in the chamber so you are always in touch with what is going on inside the unit.

One negative point about the Volatizer VM3 is the brevity of the warranty. This is a mid-range and we feel it would be nice if the manufacturer showed a little more faith in the product than the 90 days we are given here.

All in all though, this seems like a cool little . It’s a good size, it’s got plenty of functionality, it has accurate temperature control, and comes in a great, lockable case.