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Vapolution comes with:

  • 1pc Vapolution Base Hot Air Generator
  • 1pc Car & Travel Charger
  • 2pc Straight Bowl
  • 2pc Retaining Washers


The Vapolution is the place where portable and table top s meet. Although its sturdy, hands free design make this a perfect table top model, the handy car and travel charger means it’s pretty easy to take with you when you go out. There’s a handy power pack available too, which makes it even more versatile. It may be a bit cumbersome for work, but for day trips and weekends away the Vapolution is a great travelling companion.

Having been with us for over a decade, the Vapolution has rightly earned its place as a classic . The optional power pack has been greatly improved too, now charging 600% faster than the previous model used.

The Vapolution has a good and robust feel about it. It enjoys a good reputation as a vaporizing work horse and, once you feel it in your hands, it is easy to understand why. With a lifetime warranty on the heater it is good to see that the manufacturers have confidence in their product too.

The Vapolution is equipped with a glass on glass heating system. A glass heating element onto a glass bowl is generally considered to be one of the best ways to heat s. As well as being efficient, that glass bowl is guaranteed free from any contaminants, just pure, tasty vapor. There’s not just the one glass bowl either, the Vapolution comes with a variety of different bowls to allow you to get the most out of your vaporizing experience.

The Vapolution has variable temperature control via a rotary knob on the front of the unit. Finding the perfect setting for your own tastes is just a matter of fine adjustment and can be achieved within a few uses.

With a warm up time of a few minutes the Vapolution isn’t the fastest machine on the market. But once at temperature this baby will chug away all night without overheating or any other problems. Of course, you should never leave it unattended whilst turned on.

Altogether the Vapolution is a solid, reliable with a proven reputation. It sells for a very reasonable price and is ideal to use as a good ‘at home’ whilst also being fairly portable.