The Synergy V-Pen comes with:

  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x AC Wall Adapter
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x Aromatherapy Oil Cans
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Aromatherapy Oil Cartridge
  • 1 x Surgical Steel Grade Dabber
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

 Key Features 

  • Inhalation method: Direct Draw
  • Portability: Portable
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 4 x 7 in. (6.35 x 10.16 x 17.78 cm) 
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Power: Battery
  • Temperature control: Automatic
  • Heat up time: Fast
  • Build: Durable materials
  • Accessories: Various accessories included
  • Manufacturer: Synergy CalTech 
  • Color options: Available in black
  • Warranty: 1-Year (90 days for pen cap, mouth piece and battery)


The Synergy V Pen is a portable that fits right in your pocket. It was manufactured withs and aromatherapy waxes in mind so feel free to fill it up and you’re good to use it on the go. This device is very convenient and will not let you down in the long run and you can use it very discreetly in pretty much whatever situation you find yourself in.

The Synergy V Pen does boast a pretty unusual trait – a clear display. For a of its size, it is not common to feature any display whatsoever. However, this one clearly shows how much or aromatherapy wax you have left in the cartridge. The accessories that come with this are just enough to keep you entertained throughout your vaporizing efforts.

This is a very decent pen that boasts a terrific price to quality ratio so you really can’t go wrong with this one.