Marquee Essential Aromatherapy Oil Rating

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Marquee Essential Aromatherapy Oil comes with:

  • 1 pc. Marquee Essential Aromatherapy Oil Battery
  • 1 pc. Clearomizer
  • 1 pc. Wired USB Charger
  • 1 pc. User Manual


The Marquee Essential Aromatherapy Oil is an entry level designed specifically for use with essentials andy concentrates. It is a well constructed model that is both stylish and compact. The diminutive size of the Marquee is ideal for the stealth vaper and it sits comfortably in your pocket or purse.

The Marquee Essential Aromatherapy Oil offers plenty of functionality for such a low priced model. First off is the easy to read LCD display. This shows you how much battery life you have left, as well as counting how many draws you have taken. With this function it is easy to calculate how many draws you are getting per charge. It also helps you to keep an eye on how many draws you are taking which is a great idea for medical users.

Another cool function is the variable power supply. The Marquee Essential Aromatherapy Oil comes with a powerful Li-ion battery that features controllable output. You can select the output wattage from 6.0W to 11.0W in 0.5W increments. This gives you the ability to select the right wattage to suit your own personal preferences, or to match the particular type of you are using. Basically, a higher wattage produces more heat and, as a consequence, thicker clouds.

The Marquee Essential Aromatherapy Oil has a refillable heating chamber that can hold up to 1.6ml of your chosen. This is enough to last a moderate user a whole day without having to refill.

Altogether the Marquee Essential Aromatherapy Oil is a great with an affordable price tag. There are many lower end s on the market that lack quality and functionality. This is not one of them. If you are looking for an essential and budget is a constraint for you, we would suggest giving this one a go. It beats most of its competitors in the same price range.