The Innokin iTaste VV 4.0 comes with:

  • 1 x Innokin VV 4.0
  • 1 x iTaste VV v4.0 Battery
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 

Key Features  

  • Inhalation method: Direct draw  
  • Portability: Portable
  • Dimensions: 4.37 x 0.62 in. (11.09 x 1.57 cm)
  • Weight: 0.60 lbs.
  • Power: Battery
  • Temperature control: Automatic
  • Heat up time: Fast
  • Build: Durable materials
  • Accessories: Various accessories included
  • Manufacturer: Innokin Technology
  • Color options: Available in Black, White, Chromatic, Stainless Steel.
  • Warranty: 30 days

The Innokin iTaste VV 4.0 is the newest premium vaporizer from Innokin Technology. It’s a compact beast that features a wider range of Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage, advanced safety features and also ‘Vape while charging’ Technology. These are pretty self explanatory, so let’s move on to other cool features – Innokin’s newest addition to their impressive vape arsenal is charged through a Micro USB Port. You can recharge it with any standard MicroUSB cable. It can also work as a pass-through device for simultaneous vaping and charging. But be careful – the battery must be charged at least a tiny little bit before it can be used in this way. If you’re using the battery quicker than it can charge, it will shut off. It would probable be smart to charge the battery for 10-15 minutes before using it.

The new Innokin iTaste VV 4.0 is, without a doubt, a top of the line vaporizer. It has been known to generate some truly high quality vapor. The vapor thickness and consistency will not let you down in the long run either, while the look and feel will satisfy any enthusiast. It is also quite convenient when it comes to incognito vaporizing. Considering its shape and size, this device will not attract any curious looks and you can enjoy your vaping all around the town.