Easy Vape Digital V5 Rating

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What’s in the box? 

  • 1 Easy Vape Digital V5
  • 1 Ground glass 18mm vapor whip
  • 1 Instruction manual


    • Inhalation method: Whip style . Uses either the glass hands-free whip or extended glass mouthpiece and tubing.
    • Portability: This is a corded table top .
    • Dimensions: approx. 6.5” X 3” X 5” (16.5 cm X 7.5 cm X 12.5 cm).
    • Weight: Less than a pound (453 grams).
    • Power: Mains powered via a 6ft, 110 volt power cord with US plug.
    • Heat source: Upgraded ceramic heating element used in previous Easy Vape s. They have also thickened the heater cover from .75mm to 2.25mm for added durability. 
    • Temperature control: The V5 is fully digitally controlled. The temperature is accurate to within +/- 3°C. Simple functionality and a dual digital display showing both target temperature and actual temperature make operating this as easy as pie. 
    • Heat up time: 4 minutes.
    • Build: The V5 is made from a lightweight polycarbonate that is strong and cool to the touch. The mouthpiece benefits from ground glass technology to give a high quality finish which really does enhance the vaporizing experience.
    • Special features: The new interface on the V5 is based on the familiar digital alarm clock design for ease of use. There is an integrated timer for up to 1 hour with an automatic shut off function for safety.
    • Accessories: A replacement blue or red whip can also be purchased separately and 10 pack of 1 inch vapor whip screens.
    • Extra manufacturer recommendations: The manufacturers recommend that you fill the bowl no more than a 1/3 full and pack down tightly. This ensures correct air flow over your aromatherapy blend. Caution should be taken when removing the whip from the as the end becomes very hot.
    • Manufacturer: Made in China by Ya Industries.
    • Color options: Black, blue, navy blue, grey and red.
    • Warranty: 5 years

    This is the archetypal box style . It is sturdy, yet light and offers all the control and functionality you might need in a compact table top unit. The built in ventilation slots aid air flow and enhance the vaporizing.

    This model, the V5, shows ongoing improvements and modifications from Easy Vape which bodes well for the future, and all this for a modest price tag. This is a great little that looks good and works even better.