Aire H2.2 Rating

Vapor Density
Temperature Control
Ease of Use
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What’s in the box? 

  • 1 Aire H2.2
  • 2 Vapor balloon sets
  • 1 Teflon mouthpiece
  • 2 Mouthpiece extensions
  • 1 Upgraded high output vapor balloon pump
  • 1 Tube with connector
  • 1 Removable crucible aromatherapy blend container
  • 1 Instruction manual 


    • Inhalation method: Choice of inhalation methods. Direct draw via the whip for a cooler vapor or directly from the . Alternatively you can use the balloon fill system for social gatherings.
    • Portability: This is a corded, table top .
    • Dimensions 4” X 4” X 6” (10.2 cm X 10.2 cm X 15.3 cm)
    • Weight: 1250 grams (3.6 pounds).
    • Power: Mains powered via 110 volt power cord with US plug.
    • Heat source: The Aire H2.2 uses a nichrome wired heating element encased in heat temperate aluminium. This, used in conjunction with 18 tiny jets of hot air that are activated either by inhalation or via the pump, applies a smooth and consistent heat to your aromatherapy blend.
    • Temperature control: Temperature is controlled by a rotary dial that is calibrated in Fahrenheit. The temperature settings run from 250F – 400F (approx. 120°C – 205°C).
    • Heat up time: 5 minutes.
    • Build: The main body material is Teflon, giving the unit good heat insulation and exceptional durability. All other materials are high quality and food safe.
    • Special features: Considered to be one of the most efficient s on the market. With its remarkable air jet technology it manages to winkle out more essentials than its competitors. It has been said that you can remove aromatherapy blend from other desk top s and run them once more in the Aire 2.2 to release even more vapor.
    • Accessories: Filing chamber helps make it simple to load the with your aromatherapy blend.
    • Easy Make bag kit which ensures you always have a clean vapor bag ready for vaporization.
    • Extra manufacturer recommendations: This has a safety shut down after 30 minutes of non-use. When this happens it is safe to leave your used aromatherapy blend in the vaporizing chamber. Dry are only heated via inhalation or when the pump is switched on. Simply turn the dial off, then on again to resume your vaporizing experience.
    • Manufacturer: Made in Canada by Aire Ltd.
    • Color options: No color option.
    • Warranty: 3 years.

    The Aire H2.2 is known amongst vaporizing circles as the mini Volcano, a high accolade comparing it to what is considered to be the ultimate in table top s. But we will go one more; with its slick design and durable construction it is comparable to the Volcano , and with greater efficiency and a lower price it becomes a more attractive proposition altogether.

    This classic was introduced in 2005 and has since taken a firm place in all of our hearts. This is a fantastic which gives the option of dual functionality in a high quality unit for an affordable price. It doesn’t get much better than that.