This Vegan Flap Jack Mix is the real deal! You don’t have to be Vegan to enjoy this non-GMO blend. It is egg & dairy free, but not free of taste. Excellent texture. No fortified ingredients and it was formulated keeping nutrition as top priority. When prepared as directed you will get 10g of protein (unheard of!) per serving, rich in iron, magnesium and much more! Low in carbs and sugar.
Any non-dairy milk can be used so you pick what meets your dietary needs. Hemp is Gluten Free so it’s simply a bonus that we are able to maintain the GF integrity. You don’t have to limit the mix to pancakes – you can make them into waffles or use as a flat bread.
INGREDIENTS : Hemp Flour, White Rice Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Sorghum Flour, Hemp Seeds, Ground Flax Meal, Organic Cane Sugar (Just a touch! I’m not big on sugar, but we needed a small amount to help the cakes brown when cooked), Potato Starch, Aluminum Free Baking Powder (calcium acid pyrophosphate, cornstarch from non-gmo corn, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, monocalcium), Baking Soda, Sea Salt.
Each bags makes 4 servings of of aprox 3 to 4 – 3" cakes.
To Your Good Health, Cousin Mary Jane