Product Description
V.Stick Pen Vape Personal Oil Vaporizer offers Perfect hits every time!
nLifetime Warranty On Our Batteries.
We’ll replace it immediately with the purchase of a new cartridge and any applicable shipping and handling.
Honey Oil, Organic Herbal Supplement Oil or Your Own Private Blend. You control the contents and quality with each interchangeable, refillable cartridge.
The V.Stick is automatic and shuts off in 8 seconds for the ‘Perfect Puff’.
No Buttons, No Dials. No Movable Parts. The easiest vaporizer to operate ON THE MARKET .
This Kit Includes:
1 – V.Stick vape pen with touch stylus
n1 – USB Charger
n2 – empty cartridges (1ml capacity)
n1 – 280 mah Rechargeable Battery (internal)
nLifetime Warranty Card with Manufacturer Contact and Info/User Manual
WE HONOR OUR WARRANTIES and TAKE YOUR CALLS . Contact us if you require warranty work. Our contact information is located on the packaging and on the internal documents in the box as well as our website.
Have a broken O.Pen or Bud Touch and can’t get service? For a limited time we will offer our warranty replacement program on these brands.
nContact us today for more details.
The Last Vaporizer You Will Ever Buy. V.Stick. The brand you can trust for affordable, reliable personal vaporizing.