Asorted indoor fire available to quickies up to 40 different strains of Indica, sativas
and hybrids. same day shipping and discreet….All strains are indoor and best quality…
seeking for new patients withing the country…

Afghan,Ak-47, Alaskan Thunder,Amnesia Haze,B-52,Big Bud,Blue Cheese,
Blueberry,Bubba Kush,Bubblegum,Cheese,Diesel,Durban Poison,Early Girl,Early Pearl,
Granddaddy,Hash Plant,Headband,Haze,Ice,

Jack Herer,Kali Mist,Lemon Haze,Liberty Haze,Light of Jah,Low Rider,Maui Waui,
Morning Glory,Northern Lights,NYC Diesel,Og Kush,Purple Haze,Purple Kush,
Skunk,Sour Diesel,S. Lemon Haze,S. Silver Haze,Sweet Tooth,Trainwreck,White Widow

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