Hemp-EaZe Pet Aid has a Blue Bottle!
Nurturing Naturally with Hemp-EaZe™ formula for your pets.
Hemp-EaZe formula in Quarter-strength in a spray bottle for easy application.
Our Pet Aid eases their aches, pains, irritated skin, hot spots, bites, stops the itch, slows bleeding, and eases conjunctivitis.
Ingredients; Hemp Root, Comfrey Root, Burdock Root, Sage, Lavender, Lobelia, Hyssop, Feverfew, Myrrh Gum,Bay, Majoram, Mints, Soy & Olive oils, liquapar, bees wax.
Comes to you in a Spray Bottle
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We use raw honey bees wax for it’s antiseptic qualities. We get our bees wax locally, from bees who no doubt pollinated our own herbs that we grow for our formula.