Tahoe OG a OG Kush strain which is Sativa dominant with a Chemdawg strain background. 8 week flowering time.


Tahoe OG Kush strain review


The Tahoe OG Kush strain can make you so high that it has been become one of the most favorites of the kush marijuana family. Its appearance is very appealing as well. It has a hint of orange over bright green leaves. The smell and taste is very desirable because it has a lemon and earth flavor. The Tahoe OG is one of the most used cannabis for medical purposes. This stable strain possesses an overwhelming lemony diesel fragrance which supplies you a small trial of what’s in the future. Ignite away and cease working, smoking Tahoe OG marijuana is really a confirmed rocket trip. Tahoe OG is nearly the finest thing to emerge from the states since the microwave oven; an overwhelming cannabis strain that performs in every single department!

tahoe og kush

Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG Kush Growing Process

Tahoe OG plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. They require intermediate skill as a grower – care must be taken to get an ideal final product, but the plants are resilient and tend to stay healthy. They thrive in a hydroponic, coco or soil setting, and prefer room to grow.


You can expect Tahoe OG Kush to flower in 8 weeks, and deliver up to 300 grams per plant depending on your vegging time. Many of the basic principles of growing marijuana plants apply to the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Males and females must be separated to avoid pollination, which detracts from the buds you want.


Tahoe Og Kush seeds must be germinated before planting. Young plants should have 18/6 light/dark cycles, switching over to 12/12 for flowering. The plants should be well-watered and in clean, nutritious soil. They should not be in a humid environment, unless you are growing roots on clones.


These plants can definitely be cloned reliably; as long as you’re careful about cutting shoots in the vegetative phase, and diligent about rooting and transplanting. Naturally excessive cloning causes genetic weakness, so you should rely on other methods too, like buying seeds or limited sexual reproduction.

Overall, an eye for detail and consistent growing work will go a long way in getting an ideal final product during harvest.


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