MMJ clones for sale Seattle Washington continue to soar due to the legalization of marijuana. Many farmers in Seattle are looking to cater to mmj patients looking for specific genetics to serve as medication and new flavors and effects to recreational users. What was once in Washington State just a few skunk strains in the 80’s has now exploded into a cannabis culture of endless mmj strains and genetics.

Where are the best mmj clones for sale Seattle Washington?

There are many choices where to buy clones for sale Seattle; some new mmj strains such as weed sites and forums. Some people chose sites like craigslist or back page to find a deal but most people simply go tho the nearest cloners market in Seattle.

Where are cannabis clones available for sale in Seattle Washington?

In searching for clones in Seattle we’ve identified some key stores and also a list of  clones vendors who either sell direct to the mmj patients, i502 growers, cannabis markets and of course clone stores in Seattle, Washington.

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Are there different sizes of clones you can buy in Seattle and what is a cannabis tree or RTF?


clones for sale seattle

Various Sized Clones for sale Seattle

As you can see in the image above people often classify cannabis plants in various sizes from marijuana seeds to mmj clones to weed trees to RTF’s (ready to flower) weed plants.