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Dosage Information:

Each Cheeba Chew is cut within precise weight tolerances, ensuring consistent medicinal effects every time for patients. We have perfected our process to consistently make the safest pharmaceutical grade cannabis extract possible, while activating 98%+ of the available cannabinoids. Every single batch of extract is tested for THC, CBD, and CBN content. We also test with edibles on a monthly basis to ensure that we are sticking to our promise of making the most potent and consistent cannabis edible on the market.

*Dosage Information (these are estimates for an average tolerance, effects can vary greatly from one person to another)*
Single Dose (17.5mg THC) – 1-2 bowl hits
Double Dose (35mg THC) – 3-4 bowl hits
Quad Dose (70mg THC)- Joint to yourself
Deca Dose (175mg THC) – High Tolerance Patients Only

If it’s your first time trying a Cheeba Chew we recommend 17.5mg THC/single dose, or 1/4 of a Quad Dose Chew. We never recommend consuming a whole Quad Dose your first time taking Cheeba Chews. With the correct dose, effects typically last between 2 – 6 hours.

Time for Cheeba Chews effects to be felt vary greatly from one patient to another. Most will start to feel the effects around 30mins, but sometimes it can take 3hrs. This is dependent on how your individual body reacts to Cannabinoids. What you ate, and the amount of cannabis you smoked/consumed during the past 24 hours play a major role. Every patient is different.

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What people are saying about Cheeba Chews:

“My father is a disabled Vietnam vet. He lost both his legs in combat when an artillery trailer exploded close range to him. For the next 45 years of his life, he suffered from a medical anomaly called phantom pains, as a result of his amputations. Basically what happens is, his severed nerve endings in his legs trigger sharp shooting pains in the area of his leg that isn’t even there anymore. Doctors tried everything to relieve the pain, but nothing worked because it is nerve related.
This summer, a friend of mine introduced me to your product. After doing some research, and spending months of convincing my father to consider medical marijuana, I was able to talk him into splitting half of a quad dose CBD with me.
Since his first time trying Cheeba Chews about two months ago, my dad signed up for his medical card, and Cheebas have become a regular part of his life.
Thank you for providing the solution to a medical problem that took almost half a century to resolve. Your product has changed my fathers life (as well as mine) and we can’t thank you enough!”

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