Cannabis Clones Seattle


Cannabis Clones Seattle; a guide for mmj clone patients, legal weed growers such as i502 cannabis growers and people simply looking for cannabis clones in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Bellingham and other parts of Washington state. In regards to buying cannabis clones for sale in Seattle and or other parts of the state we have gathered numerous questions and put together a list of answers to some of the most asked questions about cannabis clones and buying cannabis clones for sale in Washington. There are no stupid questions and we have helped countless amounts of people getting their own garden started of cannabis clones in Seattle and all over Washington State and the first half of this FAQ is very very basic answered questions to help Seattle local cannabis growers get started. Please note that this information is of 2015 and like any industry especially this one everything changes and will never remain the same. The bigger picture as of today is that cannabis is socially accepted and the general population agrees that keeping it underground or punishing people for smoking or growing cannabis is ridiculous.


What is a Cannabis Clone and are they available for sale in the state of Washington?

Seattle and cannabis clones are becoming more popular than our once corporate coffee empire. A cannabis clone is simply a cutting off of a cannabis plant or any plant that is the exact genetic blueprint of the plant it came from. We will stick to cannabis when talking about clones or often referred as mmj clones, cannabis clones, marijuana clones, weed clones, cannabis starts etc. Thats it, a cannabis clone is a cutting off a cannabis plant. The cutting is then placed in several types of mediums and methods to get the cannabis clone to root and then grown to flourish into beautiful buds which is a whole different subject.

Are buying cannabis clones at seattle clone stores ok?

Some have had success buying cannabis clones for sale at market type locations while others have had absolute nightmares. Just depends what other people have told you in regards to their personal experiences instead of reading reviews online as most places write their own fake reviews to make themselves look good or pay weed site listings to remove negative ones.

Are their Seattle companies or Washington cannabis growers who delivery cannabis clones seattle?

There a number of cannabis clone suppliers available in Washington State who offer local delivery or meet up near you. Some want you to provide medical marijuana card holder information while others ask that you are over 21 to purchase or donate clones.

What is the flowering time of cannabis clones in Washington?

Completely depends on the cannabis clone strain. If you wanted an average of flowering time you are looking at 60 days but again it depends on the strain.

Can I grow cannabis clones I buy and grow in a greenhouse or outdoors?

of course. In Washington, growers usually plants their cannabis clones in May and harvest their cannabis crop in September/October depending on the weather.

What is a cannabis strain menu of cannabis clones?

That is simply a list of the the available cannabis strains the company or grower has available for sale. Often cannabis growers will keep a core of strains on hand while others rotate out different strains so its important to always confirm and communicate with a grower to make sure the quantity and strain is available.

Are caregivers allowed to accompany their mmj patients to help them select and buy the right cannabis clone?

Depends on the store in Washington or local grower you are working with. Usually is caregiver is more that welcome to accompany the grower but most of the time the person growing consults with the patient and usually knows which cannabis clone to buy.

Are Cannabis Clones in Washington state legal to grow?

Yes its a weed. Some people have obtained legal medical marijuana cards (mmj), i502 licenses in Washington or simply buy cannabis clones from other cannabis growers in Washington. Since the cannabis industry acceptance has become popular as the overturn of the prohibition era government, politicians and the media want to get in on all the money by creating laws, taxes, policies and other methods of capitalizing on the legalization of weed in Washington State.

What is i502 in Washington state and its association to growing cannabis?

Its Washington’s lawmakers attempt to try and control the legalization and taxation of weed in Washington buy issuing licenses to give a few growers the ability to grow large amounts of cannabis in different counties of Washington and people the right to smoke marijuana under state regulation. Its interesting to see if this works as marijuana is still classified as a class one substance throughout world law and federally illegal in the United States. Medical marijuana has been in place in Washington state since 1992 yet the Washington politicians want to get rid of it and put in place of i502.

How much do cannabis clones seattle cost?

Buying seattle cannabis starts for sale in Washington has a widespread amount of factors. You can go on weed listing map sites in Seattle and spend up to $25 per clone. Another route is going to a medical marijuana clone market who just offer cannabis clones for sale and spend around $18 to $50 dollars per clone. These two types of places have higher expenses and capitalize on what the market is willing to spend as it use to be difficult to purchase cannabis clones in the earlier stages of the marijuana industry. Today everyone is selling or donating cannabis clones whether online at mmj cannabis markets, craigslist or online cannabis forums. There have been cheap clones for sale in Seattle and other parts of Washington as low as $5 per clone. Popular cities in Washington offering clones for sale include Cannabis clones seattle, Cannabis clones Tacoma, Bellingham, Tacoma, Yakima, Spokane, Everett, Northgate, Arlington, Snohomish, Ballard, Fremont, Greenwood, King county and pretty much every corner clones for sale in Washington. In an effort to maintain some sort of average you would be looking to spend $12-15 per cannabis clone and maybe a little more if the cannabis clones where that of a unique strain or popular by demand like blue dream or girl scout cookies strains for sale or a little less if you were buying a large order of cannabis clones.

What does a script of mmj clones mean?

It simply means if you have obtained and purchased a medical marijuana (mmj) license from a naturopath or a mmj doctor. That piece of paper gives you the right to purchase a script of 15 clones legally to grow based on the verification process. So when purchasing from a medical marijuana dispensary or another mmj cardholder you can exchange mmj paperwork and simply purchase cannabis clones from Washington state residents.

What is the secret of growing a cannabis clone?

We have heard it all.

In a nutshell growing cannabis in Washington indoor – proper nutrient, water, sunlight, constant temperature and humidity and air flow.

Whether you are a indoor basement grower in seattle or an outdoor cannabis growers in eastern washington its important to understand the fundamentals of what your cannabis clones want to thrive. There is a ton of information online in all the various ways but we definitely wanted to share the core of successfully growing in Washington whether indoor or outdoor its the same formula. Indoor you have more control whereas outdoor you are relying on mother nature.

As a first time cannabis grower is it better to buy cannabis clones for sale or buy cannabis seeds for sale in Seattle?

Chicken or the egg question right. If your a first time cannabis grower or a seasoned veteran in growing cannabis in Washington most everyones end goal is to have the ultimate strain with the ultimate medicinal effect, the all mighty high or the biggest producing cannabis plant one has ever seen. People obtain this by either buying cannabis clones for sale from experienced cannabis growers or buying cannabis seeds for sale from Seattle local breeders or online. You should try both and test both ways as there are benefits for both growing cannabis seeds or clones.

If I buy a cannabis clone in Washington is it going to be male or female?

If you are buying cannabis clones to flower and create buds you will want to buy a female clone as females create “bud” because they are not pollenated. Its pretty safe to say that all the clones you buy are going to be female from cannabis growers UNLESS you are requesting a male plant which does not grow buds, and in most cases, buying male plants is for experienced cannabis breeders looking to use the pollen to create their own marijuana genetic. A female plant, if stressed can turn into a hermaphroditic or hermies plant that will produce pollen and seed itself. Common among these problems are poor genetics, heat, inconsistent light schedule, too bright of light and plant problems. If you are a first time cannabis Washington grower don’t get discouraged as it takes a little time to learn the process like anything else.

Are there cannabis clones that do well fighting mold, bud rot, powdery mildew and mites?

There are some cannabis clones that do better as far as resistance than others but every cannabis clone can be exposed to mites, powder mildew, mold or bud rot. The level over exposure just depends on the amount of control you have on your cannabis clones. You will always want to inspect your cannabis clones when buying from another person. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the cannabis clones you bought from a guy for $5 isn’t going to have issues as in most cases you get what you pay for. To top it off if you now have mites now from the person you got them from and threw them away; spider mites can easily still be in your grow room. If you decided to spend more to get quality cannabis clones then you might still get spider mites because they simply crawled on to your new cannabis clones.

What is the difference between indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis clone?

Indica dominant cannabis clones – couch lock feeling
Sativa dominant cannabis clones – uplifting, get things done
hybrid dominant cannabis clones – a mix of both depending on the cross genetics

This is how people have best described the effects but the only way one truly knows is in the mirror. Someone can tell you what they think a cannabis strain will do or how it effects them but unless you test – smoke, ingest, vaporize, dab or whatever you won’t know until you try. This is about cannabis clones and we are not advising any clinical recommendations as this is to simply let you know when buying cannabis clones they are generally categorized by indica, sativa or hybrid cannabis strains.

What are CBD cannabis clone strains and are they available in Washington?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol people refer to when looking for a cannabis clone strain that has low level THC effects of not feeling stoned. For medicinal purposes people want the healing part of the plant rather than the “getting high” effect of the plant. Some cannabis clones seattle growers offers is charlotte’s web, canna tonic, sour tsunami and harlequin.

If you have more questions about Cannabis Clones Seattle and other areas of Washington State please give us your feedback.